Puri Naga Toya (meaning Palace of the Water Dragon) is a private retreat overlooking the spectacular Batu Karu mountain range just 40 minutes northwest of Ubud on the way to Kintamani. The Ubud Villa is perched high above Bali’s dramatic Ayung River valley overlooking the river valley below with Mount Batu Karu in the distance.


Built in 2001, Puri Naga Toya is an extraordinary Chinoiserie villa that features half an acre of landscaped Balinese gardens and a spring-fed freshwater pool. Puri Naga Toya is a palatial retreat amid green rice fields; with sprawling mountain and river views. Puri Naga Toya also features an extensive library.

The interior is a world away from hotel-style luxury, with a private collection of antiques blended with modern amenities and attention to detail. Its owners have more than two decades experience in luxury hotel management. This is their sanctuary. Stay at Puri Naga Toya and you’ll feel like Balinese royalty.


Puri Naga Toya is inspired by the decadent aesthetics of Chinoiserie, a décor favored by the royal courts from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Puri Naga Toya features palatial living, dining and sleeping quarters, formal gardens and freshwater pool, private spa treatment spaces, bales, pavilions as well as servants quarters.

Puri Naga Toya also houses an exquisite collection of antiques, textiles and artworks from across Asia.


Puri Naga Toya was built with a strong emphasis on the design complying with important feng shui principles. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of design that takes into account the four elemental energies and the relationship to a home in order to create harmony, wealth and tranquility.


To this end Puri Naga Toya is designed in observation of feng shui principles:

  • Water in front of the house
  • Hills behind the house
  • House built atop the “dragon’s back” or on a gentle slope
    According to the Chinese principles, water represents wellbeing, so to have water slowly flowing through Puri Naga Toya’s Chinois gardens is symbolically akin to health and prosperity flowing into your holiday.
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