Bali has its own cuisine,  masakan  Bali. Balinese food consists or rice as a staple, often served with dishes made of pork, a variety of  sate  and vegetables, often mixed with chili. Two of the most famous items in Balinese cuisine are  lawar  and  babi guling. 


Lawar is one of Bali’s most famous local dishes. Made from pig’s blood and spices, together with an assortment of other goodies,  lawar  can be found in every village in Bali. Balinese traditional spices such as  kunyit  , shrimp paste, salt and ground pepper,  galangal  and other roots; grated coconut, green beans, boiled young jackfruit and occasionally,  singkong  leaves, all chopped up and blended together.


To this end Puri Naga Toya is designed in observation of feng shui principles:

  • Water in front of the house
  • Hills behind the house
  • House built atop the “dragon’s back” or on a gentle slope
    According to the Chinese principles, water represents wellbeing, so to have water slowly flowing through Puri Naga Toya’s Chinois gardens is symbolically akin to health and prosperity flowing into your holiday.


Babi Guling is Bali’s most famous dish. Ask a Balinese person what their favorite food is and there is a good chance they’ll say “Bali guling”. Indonesia is a Muslim country, so pork isn’t celebrated as it is here in Bali. The Balinese however often keep pigs at home behind the house, feeding on food scraps, for that important time when they will be killed and eaten.


The young suckling pig is used because of its tenderness, spit-roasted to perfection. Finding Bali Guling is a bit hard in tourist areas as it takes a while to prepare and is not really a dish most foreigners will ask for. As soon as you get away from the tourist scene in Kuta / Seminyak and head to Kerobokan, Mengwi, Ubud, or any other local place, the babi guling stands pop up.

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