Legian Beach is a 1 hr 20 min drive from the villa. Go to the surf school at Rip Curl. It’s great tuition for all ages! Tel. 735858. Eat at the Blue Ocean Café, good family food wine and music, also wireless Internet access  –  Tel. 7472308


Nusa Dua Beach is a 1 hr 25 min drive from the villa. Nusa Dua Bali beaches are fabulous for families, or singles, a safe beach for the kids, snorkeling, food, wine, music, beach service, and a big car park. Tel. 7434779/081338203729. You will need to bring your own snorkeling gear, you can buy them in Sanur at the dive shops.


Sanur Beach is a 1 hr drive from the villa. For a nearby beach go to Sanur (a beach is called a Panti, pronounced – pant I), there are many cafés and restaurants on and off the beach. Try Café Batta Jimba.


Kuta Beach is a 1 hr 20 min drive from the villa. Water.Bom.Park. Big and small water slides for all the family, a kiddy park and Spa. Rent a “bale” (a thatched pavilion) for the day and have a whole day of family fun –  Tel.755676.

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